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  • Pg Plus Coolant 20 Litre Aluminium Corrosion Protection

Pg Plus Coolant 20 Litre Aluminium Corrosion Protection


Item number: CC2869


PG PLUS COOLANT 20 LITRE Great aluminium corrosion protection. 250,000 km or 4,000 hour service intervals.PGPlus™ is a high performance fully formulated Extended Life Propylene GlycolCoolant. It is an environmentally safe, biodegradable and non - toxic fluid. Ittherefore does not require a Poisons Schedule Number, Dangerous GoodsClass or Hazchem Code.PGPlus™ is the answer to today s maintenance demands for heavy-duty dieselcooling systems. To gain maximum benefit from PGPlus™ it should be used inconjunction with ES Slow Release Filters or with ES Extender™ and onlyrequires re-inhibition each 250,000 klms. (150,000 miles) or 4,000 operationhours or 1 year, which ever arrives first.It is the perfect mixture that protects your cooling system by preventing scaling,foaming, corrosion, liner and pump pitting (SAE 900434). It also providesimproved pump seal life over that of the same ethylene glycol (EG) formulatedcoolants (SAE 961818). PGPlus™ is easy to use, cost effective, and withDCA4+ inhibitor package, it will outperform other extended life coolant productsin the market place today

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